Fendi is an Italian fashion designer brand founded in 1918. Fendi boutiques can be found all over the world- including stores in Dar Es Salaam, Ulanbataar, Baku, Harlem, N'Djamena, and Lesotho.Today, Fendi is owned by LVMH Mot Hennessy Louis Vuitton S.A. group, with creative director Darius at its helm. Fendi's trademark is sofas and women's clothing.

Fendi began in 1918 when Adele Casagrande opened a leather and fur shop in Via del Plebiscito in central Rome. When Adele married Edoardo Fendi in 1925, they made a decision to change the name to Fendi. The business prospered, and a new shop was opened in Via Piave in 1932. By 1946 Paola, 15, the eldest of the couple's five daughters, went to work for the firm, followed by her sisters Carla, Anna, Franca, and Alda.

In 1965 a marriage between the Fendis and German designer Karl Lagerfeld was sealed, and it proved to be fortuitous for both. Lagerfeld immediately created the inverted FF logo that joined the growing list of international status symbols, and then set about, aided and abetted by the sisters, to revolutionize the treatment of fur and other clothing.

What had once been a precious but stiff and heavy garment was transformed into a light, soft, easy-to-wear and above all flattering outfit. The team went on to invent new ways of working with fur, tanning, dying, and treating, taking previously unused skins and turned them into fashionable garments. By 1966 Fendi had presented its first couture fur collection, designed by Lagerfeld. It was an immediate success with foreign buyers. Marvin Traub, president of Bloomingdale's, discovered Fendi's leather goods and introduced them to the United States. Other outlets soon followed, and today Fendi is largely represented through high-end department stores. A limited number are even being sold by Costco.

In 1969 Fendi presented its first ready-to-wear fur collection at Palazzo Pitti in Florence, bringing continuously evolving techniques and imaginative designs to lower-priced furs without sacrificing quality. When the sisters could not find the fabric clothes they wanted to show under the furs their ready-to-wear line was born, again to great success.

The company's accessories are now found on the arm of many stars and signature bags such as the Spy, buckled B-bag, and embellished bucket bag are often in high demand sometimes creating long waiting lists.

Fendi lines

This "young" line (also known by Prada's Miu Miu line) was formed by Karl Lagerfeld in 1962 in cooperation with input from the five daughters. It is now discontinued.

Writing Instruments
Fendi licensed their name and logo to Cross Pens in 1989. As of 2000, Cross was no longer producing writing

Fendi currently licenses out their name for their watches, which feature Swiss movements.

Fendi launched its first perfume, Fendi for Women, in 1985. The line has been expanded to Theorema Uomo and Fendi Uomo (for men) and Celebration and Fantasia (for women).

Fendi's eyewear line currently includes prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses in addition to non-prescription sunglasses.

The Double F Symbol
Commonly referred to as the "Zucca" print in its original form and "Zucchino" in its smaller style, Fendi's iconic "double F" logo pattern was first designed by Karl Lagerfeld in the 60's. It has been used on a variety of Fendi products, including handbags, wallets, luggage, shoes, and apparel. Kanye West once appeared at a party with the logo shaved into his head.

Fendi's internationally renowned line of fur helps to differentiate the brand from its competitors as one of the few designers with a full range of fur offerings. Naomi Campbell was fired from her position as a People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals spokesperson in 1997 for wearing fur at a Fendi fashion show. Elizabeth Hurley wore a red Fendi coat in the 2000 film Bedazzled, costaring Brendan Fraser.

This includes all of Fendi's clothing sold off-the-rack at department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus.

Fendi Casa
Fendi's newest brand offering a wide variety of home furnishings. Furniture, sofas, armchairs, poufs, chaise-longues, consoles, day-beds: items of everyday life seen, interpreted, and lived with the typical Fendi style and culture. Above all this there is one common denominator: the home seen once more as the heart of a lifestyle, small pieces of furniture acting as a support for the most immediate and practical needs and more significant pieces to be personalised according to the taste. Great attention is paid to the past while tending towards the future, with considerable concern for evolution in modern design, which is interpreted, enjoyed and shared in the spirit of today’s culture. And so we find objects for the home distinguished first of all – as is the entire creation of Fendi - for their fine quality: great care and attention in the choice of fabrics and their combinations, and in the 'mix' of materials which creates new forms. All this together with the craftsmanship and attention to detail, the careful working and hand finishing, the personality which is an integral part of Fendi style. And last but not least, that creativity and imaginativeness which come from research and experiment, a mood which extends from fashion to design through the creation of personalised and personalising objects.

In June of 2006, Wal-Mart was accused of selling fakes in its membership-only Sam's Club stores. The suit filed by Fendi in June of 2006 against Wal-Mart was settled in June 2007 when Walmart agreed to pay Fendi an undisclosed sum in exchange for Fendi's dismissal of the case.

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